Emmet County marriages have been compiled thru submitted information from others, and look ups done in county records.

Also be sure to check the Emmet County, Michigan Dibean Marriage Index stored in the USGenWeb Archives.

Emmet County Clerk's office also now has marriages indexed on their site.

Groom Bride Date Place Submitter
Jarvis, Lewis A Eckhart, Ruth 8/9/1922   Elizabeth Edwards
Maples, La Vern Martin, Jessie 9/11/1909 Petoskey Larry Staffen
Phetteplace, Marion Francis Robinson, Maude M


Petoskey Tad Minor
Robinson, Frederick Charles McCarthy, Mae Gertrude


Petoskey Tad Minor
Robinson, Richard Claude Faunce, Hope Leori 11/25/1920 Petoskey Tad Minor
Robinson, Richard G Tallman, Beulah M 2/16/1931 Petoskey Tad Minor
Robinson, William Alexander Fleming, Anastasia Agatha 1/11/1909 Petoskey Tad Minor

If you have a marriage you would like to contribute, please email me, and I will add it to this page.  Please be sure to provide your name, and the county page you would like this info on, I work on more than one county page.  Remember it is thru our efforts of working together we are able to make this information free to others, who may not have easy access to the resources.

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