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Dannielle Thomas

Name Sex/Race PO Birth DOB Parent's Names
Bacon, Carl Jay Male Resort Twp 5/15/1898 Jospeh & Sarah (Brown) Bacon
Billiau, August Male Petoskey 6/21/1889 August & Caroline (Bean) Billiau
Billiau, Camilla Female Resort Twp 1/8/1898 August & Caroline (Bean) Billiau
Baker, Emanuel S Male Harbor Springs 6/26/1892 Jacob T & Nancy Jane (Stebleton) Baker
Baker, George Male/White Friendship Twp 2/2/1880 Samuel & Elizabeth Baker
Bischoff, Chester C Male/White Emmet County 10/28/1903 Ulrich & Frieda Bischoff
Burch, Glessnor John (Doc) Male   1/12/1907 Orin C & Mary (Beemer) Burch
Carlton, Carl Charles Male Carp Lake Twp 5/27/1894 George & Mary (Hoar) Carlton
Carlton, Cecil Constance   Bliss Twp 1/25/1886 George & Mary (Hoar) Carlton
Carlton, Emma May Female Bliss Twp 6/13/1879 George & Mary (Hoar) Carlton
Carlton, George Joshua Male Carp Lake Twp 6/5/1889 George & Mary (Hoar) Carlton
Carlton, Mary Ethel Female Levering 4/29/1891 George & Mary (Hoar) Carlton
Clark, Buelah Grace Female Harbor Springs 8/17/1893 Perry & Lissie (Wheaton) Clark
Clark, Clifford Male Harbor Springs 8/11/1896 Perry & Lissie (Wheaton) Clark
Clark, Ollie Mae Female Harbor Springs 5/6/1900 Perry & Lissie (Wheaton) Clark
Cope, Henrietta K Female Carp Lake Twp 2/2/1888 Oliver & Ella Cope
Couch, Lillian M Female Harbor Springs 12/4/1897 Edward & Harriet (Griffin) Couch
Cran, Lionel LeRoy Male/White Littlefield Twp 12/23/1880 James & Ida Cran
Depew, Margaret Louise Female   1/28/1889 Douglas & Etta (Morford) Depew
Drake, Claudia B Female/White Littlefield Twp 5/23/1880 Henry & Carrie Drake
Follett, Carlton Barlett Male Little Travers Twp 9/9/1899 Luther & Mary (Wardrop) Follett
Garver, Mary Ann Female/White Friendship Twp 9/19/1880 Lewis & Sarah Garver
Hall, Maude Mae Female Bliss Twp 2/17/1888 Byron & Florence (Musser) Hall
Higby, Pearl Female/White Friendship Twp 6/25/1880 Henry & Georgia Higby
Hoar, Bunnie Alicia Female Carp Lake Twp 4/10/1889 John & Jane (Galloway) Hoar
Hoar, Emory Francis Male Bliss Twp 11/1/1894 Joseph & Lillian (Schrock) Hoar
Hoar, Gertrude Jane Female Bliss Twp 3/20/1899 Samuel & Lucy (Crandall) Hoar
Hoar, Harry L Male Carp Lake Twp 6/18/1900 Thomas & Sadie (Carlton) Hoar
Hoar, Levi J Male Levering 1/23/1891 John & Jane (Galloway) Hoar
Hoar, Marjorie Female Bliss Twp 8/19/1900 Samuel & Lucy (Crandall) Hoar
Hoar, Maud C Female   8/28/1878 John & Caroline (Wakefield) Hoar
Hoar, Ralph J Male Center Twp 7/4/1881 John & Caroline (Wakefield) Hoar
Hoar, Samuel D Male Carp Lake Twp 1/9/1893 John & Jane (Galloway) Hoar
Hoar, Sarah Caroline Female Center Twp 4/28/1899 Andrew & Grace (Crandall) Hoar
Hoar, Susan Violet Female Levering 4/28/1896 John & Jane (Galloway) Hoar
Hurd, Clara May Female/White Friendship Twp 4/17/1880 Alonzo & Christina Hurd
Johnson, Margaret Belle Female   Abt 1886 Charles & Mary (Newman) Johnson
Johnston, Elmer Franklin Male/White Readmond Twp 11/6/1904 Robert & Mary Johnston
Kalbfleisch, Arthur Male Petoskey 1/6/1900 Reinhardt & Bertha (Pagel) Kalbfleisch
Kalbfleisch, John Male Petoskey 6/14/1880 Conrad & Anna (Bickel) Kalbfleisch
Kalbfleisch, Marie E Female Petoskey 10/29/1895 Reinhardt & Bertha (Pagel) Kalbfleisch
Kalbfleisch, Martin Male Petoskey 12/23/1883 Conrad & Anna (Bickel) Kalbfleisch
Kalbfleisch, Rose Mabel Female Petoskey 11/29/1885 Conrad & Anna (Bickel) Kalbfleisch
Keiser, Asa Arnold Male   Abt 1875 Franklin & Mary (Selby) Keiser
Keiser, Clarence L Male   9/2/1877 Franklin & Mary (Selby) Keiser
Keiser, Florence Estella Female   1900 Asa & Orpha Keiser
Keiser, Ida Mae Female Cross Village 3/25/1876 Jerome & Elizabeth (Tong) Keiser
Keiser, James J Male   9/1878 Jerome & Elizabeth (Tong) Keiser
Keiser, Orland Male   Abt 1881 Peter & Sarah (Bowlsby) Keiser
Keiser, Orville Male   2/23/1881 Peter & Sarah (Bowlsby) Keiser
Keiser, Shila D     1/1881 Jerome & Elizabeth (Tong) Keiser
Kopenkoskey, Mary R Female Cross Village 5/31/1897 A H H & Anastasia (Kruzel) Kopenkoskey
Kopenkoskey, Thomas Male Cross Village 7/14/1900 A H H & Anastasia (Kruzel) Kopenkoskey
Kuebler, Frieda Christine Female Brutus 5/9/1892 Karl Kuebler & Christina Steefel
Kuebler, Albert Edwin Male Brutus 12/19/1893 Karl Kuebler & Christina Steefel
Kuebler, Emma M Female Brutus 9/13/1895 Karl Kuebler & Christina Steefel
Kuebler, William Friedrich Male Brutus 5/7/1897 Karl Kuebler & Christina Steefel
Kuebler, Martha Marie Female Brutus 5/24/1899 Karl Kuebler & Christina Steefel
Kuebler, Edwin F Male Brutus 12/2/1901 Karl Kuebler & Christina Steefel
Kuebler, Ernest Walter Male Brutus 11/10/1905 Karl Kuebler & Christina Steefel
Long, Louisa Female/White Friendship Twp 9/16/1880 William & Ida May Long
Luesing, Forest Scott Male Carp Lake 7/16/1897 Elias & Ida (Keiser) Luesing
Luesing, Frederick C Male Bliss Twp 7/6/1884 Henry & Augusta (Nadiger) Luesing
Luesing, Henry Male Bliss Twp 5/12/1881 Henry & Augusta (Nadiger) Luesing
Luesing, Irving A Male Bliss Twp 5/3/1887 Henry & Augusta (Nadiger) Luesing
Luesing, Julia Female Center Twp 10/31/1878 Henry & Augusta (Nadiger) Luesing
Luesing, Ralph R Male Carp Lake 6/13/1900 Elias & Ida (Keiser) Luesing
Mann, Maude May Female Bliss Twp 3/11/1898 James & Fidellia (Keiser) Mann
McConnell, Charles M Male   8/8/1892 Mark & Lennie (Haydon) McConnell
Miller, Erha   McKinley Twp 1/15/1898 Charles & Carrie (Carlton) Miller
Mixcinnene, Julia Female/Indian Friendship Twp 5/8/1880 Willaim & Rosa Mixcinnene
Morford, Chalmers Z   Resort Twp 4/7/1900 Edwin & Jane (Bacon) Morford
Morford, Hazel Mae Female Bear Creek Twp 3/3/1896 Edwin & Jane (Bacon) Morford
Morford, Roy Male   5/7/1900 Clyde & Thurza (Ward) Morford
Morford, William Henry Male Petoskey 3/31/1897 Edwin & Jane (Bacon) Morford
Near, Rupert Ernest Male Springvale Twp 9/14/1899 Henry & Lydia (Barum) Near
Nelson, Dorothy May Female Harbor Springs 2/11/1898 Jay & Laura (Corner) Nelson
Norris, Pearlton Female/White Littlefield Twp 6/22/1880 Timothy & Jennie Norris
Notestine, Lenora Irene Female Bear Creek Twp 10/24/1894 William & Ida (Ballard) Notestine
Notestine, Philip Ross Male Bear Creek Twp 3/7/1899 William & Ida (Ballard) Notestine
Notestine, William GW Male Bear Creek Twp 11/2/1896 William & Ida (Ballard) Notestine
Pagel, Emma Joan C Female Petoskey 8/16/1884 Christian & Marie (Bull) Pagel
Paul, William Fred Male/White Friendship Twp 1/29/1880 Charles & Augusta Paul
Petoskey, Ella J Female/Indian Friendship Twp 7/17/1880 Joseph & Isabel Petoskey
Phillips, Flossie Pearl Female Bliss Twp 3/2/1899 George & Juliette (Frisbie) Phillips
Phillips, Irving Male Little Traverse Twp 10/25/1896 John & Gertrude (Powers) Phillips
Piehl, Ethel L Female Petoskey 12/15/1891  
Schmalzried, Anna C Female Carp Lake Twp 1/2/1891 George & Elizabeth (Hoar) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Burr   Carp Lake Twp 11/12/1893 David & Hannah (Hoar) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Claude   Carp Lake Twp 3/21/1888 David & Hannah (Hoar) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Cora Female Carp Lake Twp 1/8/1898 John & Catherine (Carlton) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Della M Female Carp Lake Twp 12/2/1891 George & Elizabeth (Hoar) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Earl Eddie Male Carp Lake Twp 1/22/1888 George & Elizabeth (Hoar) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Edith Gale Female Carp Lake Twp 2/1/1894 George & Elizabeth (Hoar) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Ellis Male Carp Lake Twp 4/5/1895 John & Catherine (Carlton) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Elsie Ione Female Carp Lake Twp 10/16/1899 T "Theo" & Emma (Carlton) Schmalzried
Schamlzried, Georgia E Female Carp Lake Twp 2/1/1894 George & Elizabeth (Hoar) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Jessie M   Carp Lake Twp 12/18/1896 David & Hannah (Hoar) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Norman G Male Carp Lake Twp 8/6/1900 John & Catherine (Carlton) Schmalzried
Schmalzried, Pauline P Female Carp Lake Twp 6/14/1891 David & Hannah (Hoar) Schmalzried
Singer, Alex Conrad Male Petoskey 12/7/1894 Benjamin & Minnie (Kalbfleisch) Singer
Smith, Edna Female/White Friendship Twp 5/30/1880 Judson & Ellen Smith
Smith, Wayland Male/White Littlefield Twp 12/4/1880 Egbert & Matilda Smith
Southwood, Glenn Male Bear Creek Twp 10/21/1898 Aurillis & Grace (Steele) Southwood
Spoors, Claude H   Bliss Twp 1/4/1900 Charles & Ada (Holmes) Spoors
Sterly, Christian Male/White Friendship Twp 12/18/1894 Mr & Mrs. John Sterly
Terpening, Daniel Male/White Harbor Springs 9/14/1902 Seth & Lois Terpening
Terpening, Henry S Male/ White Harbor Springs 6/25/1900 Seth & Lois Terpening
Van Camp, Sarah Female/White Petoskey 11/23/1892

Daniel & Matilda Van Camp

Wasson, Mary Female/Indian Friendship Twp 11/18/1880 Michell & Madiline Wasson
Wheaton, Dewey R Male Resort Twp 11/19/1898 Harlow & Mary Wheaton
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